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About Us

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We began in 1946 as a co-op of nurses in a local hospital who coordinated to help their patients at home after discharge.

Over the decades, it has been our mission to serve the Northern Virginia community by bringing together professional independent care providers and those who want private home health care. Our purpose is to facilitate the choice to remain in the comfort of your own home by providing access to better nursing care than would otherwise be received in a facility — and doing so at a lower cost. We support the concept of consumer-directed care by empowering people to have a voice in matters affecting their health care.

Our job is to match you with a qualified caregiver who’s right for you. With more than 200 of the best independent care providers in the region, we are equipped to connect you to Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN), Registered Nurses (RN), and Personal Concierges who have passed our stringent, multi-level screening process. As a result, we register fewer than 4% of the nursing professionals who apply with our registry.

Nursing Referral Service personally interviews each applicant to ensure that our registry consists of only the top caregivers who specialize in homecare services. We verify each applicant’s state nursing licenses, certificates, training, work experience, and references. We also verify the identity and employment eligibility of each applicant, as well as a flawless criminal background check. Most importantly, we require that each applicant has at least a full year of experience and demonstrates a high standard of professional competence before registering with us. For your protection, every health professional carries professional liability insurance and is bonded through our company.

In addition to checking credentials and experience, we interview each caregiver in person to ensure that they are not only professional and reliable, but also have a warm, compassionate personality and a dedication to patient health.

If cost is a concern, rest assured that using an independent care provider is the most affordable option in home care — and a nurse registry service such as ours is the safest way to find a trusted professional.

The result of our strict requirements is a collection of the top talent in the DC area. Each is a trained, experienced professional who genuinely cares about providing quality in-home care to individual clients. Caregivers on our registry are dedicated to providing one-on-one care in a private duty setting, whether at home, in a nursing home, or in a hospital.


How long has your company been in business?

Nursing Referral Service is the original source for home health care in Northern Virginia. We have been connecting the D.C. area with world-class private duty nursing and in-home care since 1946. With more than 70 years of experience, we are the source most trusted by the area’s top health professionals for in-home care.

Do I have the freedom to determine the type of care I need?

Yes, we strongly support the concept of consumer-directed care. Nobody knows your needs better than you. You should choose the type of care you need, when you need it.

Can I have the exact schedule that I want?

Absolutely. While some companies try to fit you into their schedules, we work hard to accommodate your needs. We work on your schedule; not the other way around. Since we register hundreds of the best caregivers in Northern Virginia, we are equipped to match you with someone who best meets your specific needs and schedule.

How quickly can you find a caregiver for me?

With as little as two hours of notice, we can match you with a wonderful caregiver that meets your needs. When given a couple of days, a more thorough matching process will allow us to determine the best caregiver for you.

When are you available to assist me if a last-minute change should arise?

We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to help with any needs you might have. We don’t use an answering service, so you’ll be met with a familiar voice every time you call.

Are there additional costs beyond the base rate charged by the caregiver?

No. You and your caregiver agree upon the payment rate. Billing is simple, straightforward, and never includes extra fees. You pay nothing more than the hourly or daily rate charged by your caregiver. Also, you're never required to pay for any type of "evaluation" or "supervisory" visits, unlike the other guys. The caregiver submits a referral commission to us.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope. You’re under no obligation. We’re going to keep you as a client by helping you find better care at a lower cost…not by locking you into a contract.

Will my caregiver be properly trained and licensed?

Yes. We intensely interview each applicant to ensure that only the best caregivers are registered. We verify each applicant’s state licenses, certificates, and training. Every caregiver we refer is licensed by the State Board of Nursing. Be careful of other companies that use “Companions” or “Homemakers.” Direct supervision is impossible in a private care setting, so using a licensed medical professional is vital.

Will my caregiver have the proper experience to fit my specific needs?

With our broad pool of professionals, we can connect you to a caregiver that specializes in your exact needs. Some specialize in Alzheimer’s care. Some have years of experience with Diabetes. Others have spent their career caring for children. Our staff is proficient at matching you with the caregiver that is the best fit for you. When you call, we will listen and understand your unique situation and special requirements.

What is the quality of care provided by an independent care provider?

As a nurse registry, we refer caregivers who choose to offer their services on a freelance basis. It takes a special kind of person to work independently. Frankly, most don’t have what it takes and are better suited for a role in a team setting, such as a nursing home.

Using the services of a self-employed independent care provider allows you to obtain higher quality care at a reduced cost. Nursing Referral Service registers only those unique individuals who can excel at private duty home health care and have the skills, experience, dedication, and desire to work as an independent care provider.

Can my needs be accommodated should they change in the future?

Yes. With Nursing Referral Service, you can be sure that we will always be able to meet your needs, even as your health changes. Because we register CNAs, LPNs, and RNs, we are your source for every level of care.


"The office staff was polite, efficient and responsive. The healthcare worker was knowledgeable, compassionate and very professional. I really was impressed with this service and would use them again."— Maureen R. in Alexandria

"[The CNAs] were truly dedicated, capable, and kind in their care of my mother. I only regret my inability to express all they did in words. I am very grateful to them for all they did and to you for sending them to me. You could not have better people."— Nancy J. in Laurel

"You have a special calling. You refer only well-screened people, and you made [my husband’s] dream of coming home possible. I will ever be grateful!"— Suzanne G. in Arlington

"We so appreciate all of the staff at NRS and your ability to respond to client needs so promptly and professionally! You and your staff are my guardian angels!"— Barbara A., Elder Law Attorney in Vienna

"With each call, I felt as if we were your only clients. Your personal choice of [my mother’s] nurses, the efficiency with which you handled each request, and the compassion in your voice each time we spoke will always stay in my heart."— Anita T. in McLean

"Mother’s caregivers were her angels. Within an hour of her death, five of them were with us, holding our hands and praying over her body. It is an amazing process. You made it so much of what it should be with your patience and kindness."— Mary Anne D. in Arlington